I m sure this question has been asked before but anyway

I'm sure this question has been asked before but anyway...

How does the 650 feel power-wise compared to other bikes?

I ask because the other day, I was zipping/weaving through traffic in 2nd or 3rd? and I hit rev limit so quickly and wasn't pulling away as fast as I would have liked. it felt too "mum's SUV" pace. Granted I was going up hill. I'm probably being too critical but I'd still like to know how it compares to bikes of a similar spec. Cheers all!

  • The V is pretty fast up to 160-170 and you have to redline it to get going

  • Fast enough for some but not all will find it sufficient, but I do, most of the time.

  • You need to ride others and decide for yourself. If your needs and riding habits aren't the same as the poster's it's meaningless. It fits me like a glove. I find larger bikes often feel like whales to me. Powerful whales. I do very little interstate riding, lot of PA back roads. I've had bigger, I've had smaller. This works best, but that's for me.

  • Some great insights here, I'll ask a slightly different question. Do you find that you're working up the gears more rapidly than you would with other bikes of a similar spec?

  • I too love the high sitting position on my V mk3 and the screen is awesome. Sure a CBR 650 will be faster but I don't like the riding position at all.

  • Well, a lot less than on my 1975 CB400f...

  • TBH, I never think much about shifting on the V. I notice it on my 400 which has a high redline and little torque and demands attention, and I always look for the nonexistent 6th gear on my '02 750. So I'd say I don't feel I need to shift overly often. But again, might be reflective of riding habits and these roads.

  • I ride a lot of highways on my daily commute to and from work.. I prefer the bigger cc bikes for highway speeds.. 70 to 80 mph in my case.. I'm loaded with a givi 47 liter tail bag most days and sometimes a passenger.. Cc preference is really based on riding style.. for around town I'm usually in low power mode on my Versys 1000..

  • No, more slowly.

  • If you mean short shifting, yes. I can get along pretty smartly without going much over 6k revs.

  • You're to low a gear, and to high in the RPM's. The Versys power band is in the low end for more grunt. If you want power in the top end, swap in cams from the ER-6/Ninja 650. Also research final drive sprocket resizing for changing the power curve.

  • Yep, that's riding style where a bigger bike works better!

  • Jonathon mentioned the F800. That is probably the only bike I'd buy to replace the V if I found a good used example, but more for BMW's ability to adjust to shorter riders and some of the electronic "toys" rather than because I flat out feel it's better. It felt a bit stronger, but not very much considering the price difference!

  • The MT09 Tracer is another beauty as is the Triumph Tiger 800, but they weren't around when I bought my Versys.

    Even so, given the price difference I think the Versys is a very, very credible machine for almost all riding on road and touring. If someone wants off road or motorway munching then the bigger engines of the ST, MT09 and Tiger might be worth looking at...but at a price.

  • Jonathan Eddy Yep - I think the Versys is the best value out there!

  • I'm also a big fan of the Triumph Street Twin - but a very different beast from our V's.

  • Yes the first 2 gears are short imo. But the fg800 sucks I would trade my new versys for a BMW unless I could sell it and buy a versys and keep the change. I rented a 800gs and 1200gs drive them 1000miles thru Oregon this summer about 2 months ago. And while I did kinda like the 1200 I wished I 2as on my bike the whole time. Last year my buddy rented a 650 vstrom and he even said he liked the vyrsy and vstrkm better then both bmws. He's a BMW fanboy and loves their cars. Only reason we rented.

  • Sucks? I totally disagree, but to each his own. I liked the 800 a lot. The price was my big objection; it wasn't thousands of dollars better than the V. I used to like the old Funduro, too. Definitely a different feel to any European bike. But just my take on things. I think "sucks" is a pretty strong term for any modern bike, given how competent most of them are.

  • Then again, I like the KLR650, I like the DRZ400, I like that little KTM a ton. I may add one of those at some point. I just think bikes in general are pretty much kick ass these days. Even Royal Enfield has gotten better, although their new distribution system pretty much blows.

  • Ok. Maybe but that price for what you get it was a huge disappointment. Less nimble, not as fun, less range, less comfort I changed me seat on my versys. For 3 times the price. Got my brand new versys for 6400 out the door 1 mile.

  • Mark Townsend mine was a year old leftover for 4999! It was a total no-brainer. I had actually gone down to look at a used bike, and ended up riding home on the Versys!

  • Yes with a versys and Dr or klr you go anywhere you need to. I rode my klr like a dirt bike regularly it's heavy but works.

  • Lol me too.

  • The power curve is not strictly linear. It's tuned for mid-range, which means you don't just drive up the rpm's like you do with some bikes.

  • I'm a fat guy and run a 44l tail bag. Never felt underpowered on the 650 on the interstate. I guess it's what you're used to it *shrug*

  • Bearhat Walker OMG, I could have written that exact comment. :) Actually, I think my Givi is 47 l.

  • To me, the bike is quick and nimble, and my buddies gripe am about slowing it down so they can keep up. The one that gripes the most is pushing an 800cc twin. One of them just upgraded to 955cc triumph triple and only marginally outpaces my versys (ignoring top speed at that is a matter of gearing and aero not actual performance).

    Not trying to say that the versys 650 is godlike, as it's not, but it's never felt slow to me. That said, I'm not a sportbike guy. I've not spent time flogging literbikes around like nothing. So perhaps feeling the versys is quick enough is due to limited experience with serious crotch rockets.

    But the versys is not a crotch rocket and not intended to fill that role. *shrug*

  • The f800 can't compete in the nimble comparison with it's 21" front wheel; but it's defo better in the bush.