I m still searching for a 1989 2004 kx500 cylinder head prefer a damaged one


I'm still searching for a 1989 -2004 kx500 cylinder head, prefer a damaged one. It will be used for a mock up engine permenatly, please no $100 + part

%d comments
  • I got one that's damaged.$30

  • Ok Sean,

  • Coby how much $you need for it?

  • $30

  • It's been tightened down too tight and has a crack in the bolt hole from it. Hell I'll go $25

  • Coby sold! I can pm my address to you. @ work today, can take of this later this evening, thanks

  • PayPal you pay shipping. Sounds good. Cranialocially@ yahoo.com

  • Yes, that worx for me

  • Worx for me