I m seriously thinking about a Versys 650 I enjoy long distance touring and...


I'm seriously thinking about a Versys 650. I enjoy long distance touring, and would also commute at ~100kph for anything from 50-120km daily (depending on job location).

I'm roughly 5'10" (~178cm)

~70kg (160lbs)

Anyone regret their purchase, or would've chosen differently with hindsight?

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  • Everything depends on your budget, what you want and what you need.

    My height is as same as you, my weight is 30kg heavier then u.

    I ride daily about 40kms to work n back home. Weekend I would ride around adventuring and touring around which about 200-300kms.

    I choose Versys 650 and I don't really regret bout it.. why?

    1. Price is within my affordable budget

    2. Maintenance is kind of low and affordable

    3. Is a touring bike! And I love touring...

    If my budget was higher, I wont be going for V1000... I rather buy KTM 1050 Adventure... or Honda Africa Twin..


    Center of gravity is at the high side, handling is a bit difficult but u will get used to it.

    Not really suitable for real off road, minor off road is still capable.


    Reasonable price

    Good looking

    Low maintenance

    Low fuel consumption

    Good sitting position

    Is a touring bike, mate!

  • Your pro list is basically my why to buy list!

    Also <725cc means it's in a smaller rego and insurance bracket.

  • X lo q comentas la versys perfecta yo miré l v strom pero las mire de segunda mano y eran más caras y con más kilómetros y no me arrepiento de mi versys al revés cada día más contento con ella polivalente y muy manejable

  • Hahaha... yah.. is an ergonomic bike anyway... that's why recommend for him!

    he want to know if anyone regret buying this. With the pros.. I won't say I regret..

    even if I get a lottery today... I still don't regret my choice... i believe many people also won't regret...

  • Absolutely no regrets on my 2008 - it is the perfect machine for me.

  • Asking how versys feel in a versys group is a bit bias, don't u think?

  • La única pega es cuando hace aire q la mueve bastante pero vamos como la mayoría de motos

  • lol I just got mine - if it sucked I would bashing it.

  • my versys 1000 is my commuter bike n i love it

  • Tim, I use my Versys for both touring and commuting. The KLE 650 is suited perfectly for both. Also, there are plenty of after market items to custom fit the bike to your size and riding style.

  • 650 is great in the city/urban areas, I found it too buzzy for the highway, especially over 60mph. But if you're going to stay around that speed or a bit lower, it's pretty awesome, comfy, etc.

  • I took my Versys traveling around the world. No regret, its a great bike. :)

  • Depends on what you want to do. Two up, I believe the older model is restricted to 180kg load. So thats me and the Mrs (70kg ea roughly) and maybe panniers but that;s the lot. New is loaded for 230kg

  • I did also ask if you would change your choice with hindsight &/or if you looked at(test rode) other options prior to buying.

    By yes, you make a valid point

  • I wouldn't change my mind. I looked at and tested and researched extensively and picked this bike. Riding it is perfect. Only thing I might change is to move to a 1000cc eventually but i have plenty of power now with the 650.