I m opening the shed and wheeling out the beast wish me luck it s been a while


I'm opening the shed and wheeling out the beast ,wish me luck it's been a while

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  • its like riding a bike ..you never forget... and your not riding a bike ..its a balistic missile

  • Us fat lads don't need anti wheelie the front is planted

  • lol i know what you mean... have to work to get the front up

  • Enjoy.

  • were you off to gary??

  • Probably down the a49 to Prees heath but the first sign of rain and it's mission aborted as I'm a fair weather fairy as they say but I don't care

  • looks over cast here but tommorow its supposed to be a scorcher ..anyways im out whatever the weather

  • Solo today two up tomorrow

  • blow the cobwebs away today then

  • Get a bit further afield when the weather improves but locals for now

  • just tried mine battery too flat to start her :-( ,on the trickle charger now but might have go and buy a proper charger old one died