I m not with my 06 2K I need to call around to see who has a battery to sell...


I'm not with my 06-2K... I need to call around to see who has a battery to sell me. I don't have the battery # type I need to buy or to call around. Can anyone help me with the correct battery I need to buy ??? For now a standard battery will do. Thanks !!!

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  • take your battery out, and take it to O'Reilly. they will match it.

  • 2 double A batteries should work

  • YTX16-BS

  • Ytx20l-bs

  • YTX20CH-BS. I have three on my bench right now (two out of my two V2K's and one old "spare"). Three different brands, all the same model number.

  • Thanks Steven, the 20 is a little more power but it's the same size I thought. I was told to show up with a new battery... Thank You Sir...

  • Yes, the 16 will also work.

  • Steven Schroeder the 20 is the same size right ???

  • Yes.

  • Great !!! Just need to find one now... again thanks.

  • Steve Miller shorter drag pipes with No baffles. What a Sweet Sound.

  • I bet the neighbors hear it well too

  • Bought one online last night from sears for 55 and change

    Free shipping

    Best price i could find

  • Haha like my cobras debaffled!! Need to get something else though..need some back pressure

  • Colt Hall having lack of back pressure can be dealt with. But what a sound... This is not for everyone. By now you know I'm not normal... lol

  • Steve Miller it makes my 1500 quiet. Lol... Went on my first ride in over a year on the 2K. People don't understand how special this Bike is. It felt GREAT !!!

  • My battery will be ready for pickup in the morning. Thank everyone except for Steve Miller for the help today with Battery Numbers...

  • I'm really glad you're able to get out! Can't wait til I get to swing over there and you can show me where some good grub is!

  • Maybe Colt Hall and I will have to cruise over to your place Mike and hang out for the weekend. That would be a blast

  • Still have a good 2 days of work to do. I'll deal with the hitch later after it gets painted or powder coated.

  • I'm getting my intake on and dyno soon.. But I won't be free really until may probably

  • Steve Miller I'll make it out your way first. Mari just spent a week in Florida so I see a trip coming soon once I finish with the trailer to carry both Bikes.

  • Steve Miller we will talk more about that later. For sure.

  • Colt Hall dyno ain't cheap, but helps with the settings for the best ride. You know if you do Skyline Drive stopping by to see us is a Must. Just give us a heads up...

  • Absolutely like.. And yeah I have a pretty good shop close by.. Just wanna get the air fuel perfect after intake goes on...

  • I might be interested as well on the dyno. You will have to give me more info after you get your bike done

  • You know I will.. I wanna see how much power I'm losing without baffles..then prob put some in and see as well

  • Colt Hall yep, that's a must after you change your air in and air out. (Intake & Exhaust). I won't talk about making changes to the injectors... It's been just under 2 years with my 2K torn apart, still missing a few things the boys pushed her outside and said they were ready for a show. Damn it felt good, scared the shit out of me. Just in time for a foot or two of snow ❄️Tuesday morning.

  • This will last at least 4 years and is in all the top 5 and 10 best MC Batteries. Price is good. I e-mailed them and got Promo code for 10% off and free shipping. https://www.throttlexbatteries.com/Store_ProductDe tail.aspx?pid=1E3BD04F2A099BC4

  • Thanks Nick Cherevas...