I m looking for a custom bolt on rear fender for my VN2000 I know about the...


I'm looking for a custom bolt-on rear fender for my VN2000. I know about the Kustomwerks Britt Signature, but is has a cut out for the tail light, which sucks..

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  • Or use an HD fender overlay :

  • What type of change are you looking for?

  • Uh oh this is starting to sound like an obama commercial.

  • Hah, good one!

  • Just a smallere one with more tire exposure.. Less bulky looking.

  • Quite the opposite of what you guys are doing..

  • Take the stock one to a body shop, have it trimmed back.

  • Maybe that's the way to do it..

  • My fender is a stock fender, that I had modified

  • Is that lowered Shane?

  • Yea, in that pic, I have the 2 inch lowering link installed. I've since removed it and went with an air shock with a 1 inch drop.

  • Those are 18 inch rims btw. Stock is 16... also low profile tires

  • Shane any chance you could tell me where you got the lowering link I have searched high and low.

  • Jim Renda it was made by Barons. They no longer make it though. You could always change out the shock to a progressive with a 1 inch drop. More expensive of course, but it does improve the ride at the same time...

  • Yes Shane i have that shock as well as the front spring 1" drop both progressive i eneded up going this route i am 5'8" and with stock seat NP however with the mustang it is wider and takes up some of my leg length and i am not quite flat footed just was curious as i see them for the 900 everywhere.

  • A three inch drop would have been to much... I tried. Even with the low profile tires, the fender dropped down lower than what I wanted... speaking of.. maybe on your next tire purchase, you should lower the profile some also..could easily drop it an inch..