• I m in need of a new rear tire been running the pirelli angel gt I have had...

    I'm in need of a new rear tire, been running the pirelli angel gt, I have had good mileage out of it, around 7k and seems to corner well. I mostly ride to work on straight roads, but want to have a good tire for cornering when I do ride hard. Should I stick with pirelli or change over to one of the others?

    • Pr4's if you commute alot. Work well when needed in the twisties.

    • Pilot Road 4

    • avon 3d

    • Just try it and see what you think

    • Make sure your front and rear match. I had miss matched tires once and the bike (then a CB1000) rode like shit.

    • I use Mitch matched tires and my bikes never rode like shit. You guys balance your tires I hope

    • I prefer a bt003 front with a bt016 rear.