I m in need of a couple of bits for my 1990 ZZR600 The bits I m short of are...


I'm in need of a couple of bits for my 1990 ZZR600. The bits I'm short of are the rubber inserts (missing from the holes in the pic) that push into the cross member. A threaded bush inserts into them and the coil mounting bolts screw into these. Any help gratefully received.

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  • try etc electrical wholesale - use similar in electrical distribution boxes

  • Thanks bud

  • Managed to winkle one out. It's 15mm long and 15mm outside diameter. Hole diameter is 7mm. it's not a cable gland/grommet like any I've seen before, as it gets wider inside (to grip the threaded bush) hence the visible bulge on the outside.

  • try laboratory equipment suppliers :- used for pluging test tubes etc

  • They sell different sizes at ruthforth this weekend near York.

    Or you could use threaded rivets I used them on my GPZ9 they work great.

  • They look the same as wots on my zx9 bodywork , for fitting the screen to..

  • 92015B

  • I had a look around this site Stephen and may have found them. Thanks bud.

  • Not exactly the same, but might work and don't cost much http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b 2200f8700223e4789e8b/ignition-coil