I m here in Eugene Oregon and have a seat for sale if anyone wants it its a...


I'm here in Eugene Oregon and have a seat for sale if anyone wants it . its a saddleman touring I believe . ill post a pic here in the comments when I get home . its in pretty nice shape . I just switched seats to a Corbin rumble seat . I'd take $100 plus shipping for it if anyone's interested hit me up

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  • How would you want payment?

  • I could do money order or western union . whatever works best for you . I'd have to have a shipping address to see how much shipping would be so I'd know the total then once I received payment I'd send it on its way :)

  • Coast to coast man.

  • 5705 Crany Creek Dr.

    Gloucester Va 23061

  • I will buy it.

  • Ok. Ill find out how much the shipping is and ill get back to ya . I can't do it till tomorrow cuz I work grave shift and just hit my bed but when I get off in the morning ill go find out the shipping n let ya know bud . ill consider it sold

  • Good with me

  • I did some facebook stalking. You have a lot of pictures brother. I like your bike. We have the same pipes.

  • Does the Saddleman sit higher or lower than the OEM seat? Do you have good back support? Is the Corbin that much more comfortable?

  • The saddleman sits you lower and as far as back support it all depends on the build of the person and their riding position I think but I really liked this seat . I went with Corbin for a different style but its almost the same as far as comfort to me . both good seats .

  • Thank you

  • No prob bud

  • Trying to find my comfort zone in seats. Oem is too low and uncomfortable. My Mustang is higher than OEM and I like that part, but feels like it needs to go back another inch and the rider backrest hurts my back. So I try to listen to what others say about their seats.

  • I am looking forward to not using my OEM seat. I get the numb butt very bad on it.