I m have an electrical gremlin and hope someone can offer some advice before I...

I'm have an electrical gremlin, and hope someone can offer some advice before I start tearing things apart. (Canada 2002, though the wiring past the hi/lo switch appears to be the same across all models)

I have no high beam. It did function for a few minutes after I first discovered this, but it gets dark here at night. Driving with just the orange markers lighting the way is not fun.

I thought my bulb had failed, so I replaced it, with no luck. There is continuity from the control box (BL/Y) to the bulb connector low (R/Y) when the switch is low, and none to the bulb connector high (R/BK) when switched to high but the blue indicator does come on.

The wiring diagrams all show one R/BK wire from the switch to a junction which forks to the indicator and headlamp.

Q: is there one wire from the switch that splits into two at a junction, or are there two, one for the lamp and one for the indicator?

Q: if one wire, where is the junction? Is it a soldered joint or is there a quick connect of some sort?

Many thanks.

  • I have maybe the same issue. Low beam only but high did work at one point. 2002 model

  • There was a break in the copper in my high beam (Red/Black) wire very close to the connector. There was power where I cut the insulation, but not at the exposed copper on the connector.

  • I was lucky to find a replacement connector (no need to mess with the existing connector) and wire which I soldered on to the existing wire where I had cut the insulation.