I m going to be rebuilding a crank just curious what brand of rod people are...

I'm going to be rebuilding a crank, just curious what brand of rod people are using? What is best? OEM?

  • Send it to Millenium Tech to have to the work, very top notch work and get the pin welded too. They are over in Wisconsin.

  • I will be doing the work.

  • Still Wossner

  • I have heard good things about woosner

  • The rod kit comes with a wrist pin bearing, Wossner also has the best piston choice for the K5

  • What about a vesrah?

  • I haven't has much luck with vesrah

  • What seems to fail with them?

  • The bearing often times is a cheap Chinese, the rod itself usually is ok but Wossner owns their own forging factory and there is no third party involved so the price is kept down while being able to have a very competitive price. Wossner rod is the best and strongest on the market with the most competitive price too. If I am going through the effort I like to upgrade.

  • I have had lower end bearing seize on vesrah

  • Wossner all the way!