I m back on the road

I'm back on the road

  • Yay!!

  • Nice C1.

  • It's C2

  • Oh, same colours as a C1.

  • My girlfriend had one the same. It's still on the road.

  • Not the same one, is it? Hers was G***YFE.

  • Snap fellow faster c rider

  • My a H

  • faster with that container on the back?????

  • pfft :D

  • Same has mine, 1990 c1 , H reg, 18.000 just run in,

  • Don't bite, Harry is just one of the many jealous slower D riders

  • Lovely More Iconic C.

  • G***YFE will resurface one day, I know it's still taxed and on the road. She'd be delighted to know her old ZZ-R is one of the survivors. Although according to the DVLA it's now black.

  • Great news :-)