I m addicted to lift my front wheel especially in first gear. Help


I'm addicted to lift my front wheel especially in first gear! Help!!!!

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  • lol

  • Hahaha....wish I could!

  • Good for you buddy. I tried and tried and think that maybe I don't have the nerve. I kinda like having both on the ground, but rock on!

  • I ride a wheelie out of work almost every evening. With the stock gearing you can do it in second gear. I put taller gearing on for touring but I can still get a decent wheelie in first gear.

  • Scott Knabb get the bike on 1st gear, rev to 4k, dip the throttle off slightly then pull the throttle hard

  • Ok, the peer pressure got me! I will give it a yank today. I do have a KLX that I do all my tricks on, just so you know I am not a pussy rider LOL!

  • I have a V1k....is the above for the 650 or.....?

  • I am talking about the 650. And, I don't have much luck without getting the clutch involved. I haven't really paid attention to the tach, can't tell you what rpm is required. Just learned to do it by ear.

  • I've never tried to do it, mainly because like Scott Knabb I like having both on the ground, but also because I'm a little paranoid I might break something or just push it too much so it might damage clutch, engine, or chain, or front wheel or forks.

  • Brian lamarre, I havent tried the V1K, yet alone trying to wheelie it

    Buy from my experience riding 4cyl, you'll need the clutch just like what John Carlson is talking about as they make more power at higher rpm