I m about to do an AF conversion with a 91 KX500 actually 540 motor and a...

I'm about to do an AF conversion with a 91 KX500 (actually 540) motor and a 2009 KX450 frame. I'm buying the whole 1991 KX500 bike, clean in good shape. Any interest in someone buying the whole 91 KX500 roller? Or should I part it out? Located in Denver, CO

  • Save it when you decide to come back to the Steelie..

  • No but if you come across another clean kx500 motor I'll come pick it up. I need one for a yz450f frame conversion myself.

  • you can contact that guy...he has a motor

  • Steel all day! I have seen too many af builds with cracked frames and half the bolt holes stripped from them vibrating so hard. Need to have a really balanced crank to make it work decent with little future repair work.

  • Yeah I'm about to do mine to I have a 98 k5 going into a 08 kx 450 f chassis

  • It's not a hard conversion to do I personally have never did one but it's aluminum and aluminium is easy to work with

  • I would not part it out I would keep it if anything do the conversion and then sell the bike because it's worth a lot more that way