I m 6 1 tall and my k5 looks tiny under me the question is how to get more...

I'm 6'1" tall and my k5 looks tiny under me,the question is how to get more height,should I machine shorter or longer dog bones?

Any help is much appreciated,I don't want to crank my spring up and kill the ride?

  • spring it right and Emig dog bones.

  • Is it the standard shock ? I had a white power on mine and the shaft was shorter than standard lowering the back end of it. I replaced the shock with a standard one correct weight spring and it's fine now. I'm 6,2 and find the bike great now I do run the least amount of rider sag I can get away with.

  • Not sure if it's the right shock,the bike is a 98 kx500 the spring is purple so I'm not sure if it's correct or if some where along its life some one put a different one in instead of rebuilding the original?

    Do you know if 98 was a purple spring?

  • Gordon Reichert not sure what colour I would imagine if it's the standard spring and you are 6'1 it won't be the correct weight for you

  • Emig bones

  • The emig bones lowered my bike even more saying that that was the old shock I've not tried them again with the standard one. Should they raise the the height of the bike ?

  • Emig bones raise the bike

  • If you ordered the ones i had designed

  • Danny Hamel was over 6 foot 1 take a look at his bike

  • There from emig 132.5 mm ones

  • That sits nice definitely higher than mine!

  • Then yours is worn out... Dannys bike is stock hight

  • Yeah somethin is wrong stock kx500 height is plenty good for taller riders I'm 6 ft and I wouldnt mind if this bike were lower like my 250 is

  • I agree with Benjamin Affrunti mine is a bit tall for me

  • Set the sag... if your 6'1" then the odds of you being within the correct weight for OEM springs is very low... don't waste your money... buy springs... not only will the bike function/ride/turn/handle better, it will also raise the back of the bike as you wish.

  • Kx 500 squat low. Tall seat foam will be your best bet. I wouldn't mess with the suspension to much cause then the bike will handle horrible. Natural habitat of a kx is the desert.

  • "The natural habit" is no excuse for a poorly set up bike. .. regardless of its nature the sag needs to be set and he needs the correct spring rate.

  • Your the expert

  • No expert, just someone who does not believe in motorcycle gimmicks. Hammel being arguably the fastest, largest man to rip on a kx500 used neither a tall seat, lowered pegs, bar raisers ect... and he would be an expert.

  • I'm 6'8 (203cm) and have always raised the handlebar and used high seatfoam.

  • I wouldn't bother doing anything till you get that shock serviced. Then set your sag.

  • I'm 6ft 9 same here big bar risers, pastrana fmx bend bars and taller seat foam

  • I also had new foot peg mounts made when I was racing to drop the pegs a bit made a lot of difference

  • Thanks for all the info,I'm going to have my shock rebuilt and replace the spring with a fresh one and go from there, you guys are the best!

  • Racetech.com has a spring calculator that will let you know what rate you need for your size. Good luck

  • Michi Kay unfortunately you are wrong sir....bars and a tall seat do nothing but adjust the geometry of a bike for the worse... at 6'1 he is almost garentee to weight more then the oem springs are rated for. Also height has a large part in spring rates as the taller you are the more leverage you have on a bike, meaning when a 6'1" guy gets back almost over the rear fender into a hard breaking position he will need more spring to hold the rear of the bike vs a shorter guy who might only get to the end of the seat. Hope my explanation makes sence.

  • Danny had custom seats made that were much harder foam

  • What John Perkins said! I had my shock serviced by Jason Beck at Becks Tech, Gold Valve from Race Tech installed with the proper spring rate too. I installed the Emig linkage rods(10mm shorter than stock- raises the rear 10mm) and have been happy MX and off road...