I know I ve said it before but I m about to buy a rear tyre


I know I've said it before, but I'm about to buy a rear tyre...

What tyres do you guys like.

I prefer decent wearing over full on sports

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  • Running Avon Storm3D XM always used storm on sport touring bikes good in wet and dry and good mileage

  • I'm on pilot 4's brilliant in the wet and seem to be wearing well only done about 2000 miles on them so far.

  • Pirelli diablo strada

  • Michelin pilot before I sold it very good.

  • Avon storms- good all rounder lasts ages too!

  • I run the Pilot Road 4's, great in the wet, but sticky enough for plenty of fun in the dry.

  • Right, I've read all your responses, I've looked at so many tyres today and combining all of this I've decided on .....

    Maxxiss supermaxx!

    Why??? (I hear you all cry)

    Well I had them on my Fireblade and I was gobsmacked how good they were. They've gone up in price since then but I still recon their vfm is outstanding.

  • Never tried them was to chicken to waste money on tyres that I had no reviews from. But I've heard they are good may be a little slow to warm up.

  • They were bloody amazing on my Fireblade. Also the tread pattern kinda had a sway in it.

    I was humming and hawing between the maxxiss and the Pirelli Angel...and I thought did it, why not

  • I had maxis on before the Bridgestones the rear tyre I got 2500 miles then it needed changed the front developed flat spots on the sides causing handle bar wobble? I think these bikes are too heavy for these tyres that's why i went back to Bridgestone so far I've been to Darbyshire and Ireland and around Cumbria and never had any problems.

  • Tried maxxiss on my D6 once! Never again could not wait to get them off like Steve says it could be the weight of the zed I was suffering rear wheel spin in both wet and dry and could not let go of the bars at all. Michelin pilot 3s in the summer & 4s in the winter you will never regret it