I just got a quote for the 15 000 mile service check of 450 I know I need plugs...


I just got a quote for the 15,000 mile service check of $450 I know I need plugs and a filter change but do I really have to open the top end to check the valves?

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  • My exhaust valves were all out of spec at 11,000 miles. I'd recommend checking them.

  • Yup. Unless you really want to bugger up your engine.

  • The first check at 15000 is the most important. After that, many people don't see much change. The first you should definitely do. I had exhaust valves that the clearances were both under spec.

  • Check it. Especially the 650 loves to drop valves around 30000. Early detection will save you a packet of money and a bucket of tears.

  • I just got a clean bill of health at 15,000.... maybe I'm not bouncing it off the Rev Limiter quite enough :-)