I just bought a two up passenger seat from a sellar on eBay for my 2002...


I just bought a two up passenger seat from a sellar on eBay for my 2002 Kawasaki Drifter 1500. The picture is showing the front inside part of the seat. It has curved (arched) opening. I am asking for help from Tom Lane Lane or someone who can tell me with certainty the answer to the following question: Is there supposed to be a part connecting the arch opening on the inside of the front part of the seat to the frame?

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  • The seat is for a 1500, no doubt. However the tank is fitted different than the one on my drifter. i could make a picture, but here is one of my tank when i took it of my bike.

  • So you have the wrong tank??

  • The solo seat has same arch opening.

  • It should attatch to your rear tank hold down bolt. Or at least my 99 drifter does.

  • The 2-up seats were standard equipment on the '99 and '00. The solo seat was the standard on all R models, starting with the 2001. The tank on an R is a little different from that of the J, but the same seat pan will fit on both. The J style pan is slightly different from the R pan because the tank is a little different in the back. To make the J seat fit easily on the R, you need to add a couple of washers under the bolt/seat mount bushing. Once you get the spacing right, you can easily switch between seats..

  • Looks like 800 seat

  • that's why I asked about the solo seat you have .

  • Took another look at your picture...where is the big washer and rubber bushing that is supposed to be on that bolt?

  • Thanks Tom, I was able to store the OEM parts you mentioned in your comments.

  • Thanks Tom

  • A bit late, so hope you got sorted, but that opening slots over a big washer at the base of the tank. Most of the tanks from different models have a sort if ring at the bottom (near the rider). A rubber grommet sits in the ring with a wide flanged washer throught which a bolt passes into a tapped hole on the frame. The washer sits slightly proud due to tge flange. Put that end of the seat of first, then the rear and you should find the seat bolts on the side of the frame locate properly