I just bought a 2016 teryx 4 what is the best way to break it in I heard just...


I just bought a 2016 teryx 4, what is the best way to break it in? I heard just run it in low gear for the first 20 hours. But it's so loud for heading to my hunting spots. Plus it getting so hot by my feet and in the middle area. Didn't realize how noisy this machine is, hoping I didn't make a bad choice in this unit..

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  • Yeah I know I test drove it the other day. Nice rig and bed is awesome. But seats and ride are not much to talk about

  • I agree about the plan seats but totally disagree about thr ride.

  • Just drive it and change your oil at 25 hours! I drove mine like I stole it!

  • Agree the teryx is super loud to ride in. I bought mine for hunting this season and was worried it would be to loud but soon found out if your not in the machine it's not any louder then the other machines when tracking through the woods. It was all ready mentioned but on the Kawasaki your basically sitting on the motor and most the other brands the motor and transmission is well behind you so it seems quiet but in reality it's just as loud

  • It's much quieter without a roof, leading me to guess that some studio foam might help.

  • They are super loud when riding in one. But if you have someone else drive it and watch them it's not that as loud as you think from 40-50 yards away. Unless they are running it wide open. But just cruising it in High at 10-15 mph, it's not too bad.

  • Break it in like you are going to ride it. I have always ridden my toys hard right from day 1 and never had an issue. Use good oils and change them regularly. If you baby it the rings wont seat properly

  • Make sure to extend the fuel tank vent and rear diff vent. NOW. Not next week. Will save you a fuel pump

  • Thanks, will definitely do both

  • I drive mine like I stole it and have never had a single problem from day one but I did do the fuel vent mod and regular maintenance

  • Wfo was my break in