I have posted about my vulcan 2000 power commander 3 vance hines powershots kn...

I have posted about my vulcan 2000 (power commander 3, vance &hines powershots, kn air filter, thunder air intake) back firing when I'm coming off the throttle, someone told me this was normal and the stock exsaust masks the sound so i wouldnt had heard it but it was there. I was telling a guy who build custom harleys about it, and he said it could damage the motor because it must be running lean, so which is the right answer? On another note this guy put larger pistons and cams on a fatboy, tuned and dynoed it, and it went from 85 hp stock to 100hp, almost as much hp as a stock v2K,LOL

  • Thanks Robert Vinson Cravey Jr., gonna have to look in the manual and locate that, not a wrenching type fellow so hope its pretty easy

  • He spent a lot more than $600, lol

  • The Rogue is like 110 bhp stock is that correct?, according to the guy that sold me my bike i get 130hp, im inclined to take his word on it since it does what i want it to do

  • you have baffels in you powershots

  • I have the same set up as you on my v2k and had mine Dino tuned it back fire a little on the deceleration put everything is on point.

  • no i dont

  • That what mine Dino at 98 horses with Dino jet3 USB at 2500 rpm

  • i think they detuned them after 2007 from what ive read in forums

  • Plug the Air switching valve that will stop the popping ,stock air cleaners the hose is on the top rear of the air cleaner going to the hoses on the exhaust on top of the valve covers ...EPA CRAP....