I have paid my due s to the group and my punishment is over see ya laterz...

I have paid my due's to the group and my punishment is over.., see ya laterz Naughty Ninja! .., keep it warm! :-D

  • A GREEN BOX!! :-D

  • Snot green Andy Melbourne ;-)

  • How many friend request did you get

  • At the end Scott Wallace?.., 963 :-/

  • Lmao

  • I turned them all down as they were only after my vag!

  • Andy, I posted a post to see if anyone knows what rearsets will work for my 01 zx6r j model. Would you know at all? Or anyone? No one is helping me out here, lol. :(

  • Sweet! Thanks Andy! I was having a very hard time locating any for my year. From 03 and up easy but don't know if any bikes are the same bolt spacing ect.

  • Well grab them whilst they are still there :-D