I have noticed that after 4000 5000 km after changing the engine oil gear...


I have noticed that after 4000/5000 km after changing the engine oil, gear starts to be hard and imprecise. Am I the only one? Does anyone know anything about it? I guess I should use a different oil, which one are you using?

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  • check the pivot point where your gear change moves on the footrest , mine seized , good clean an lubrication sorted it

  • You put in inferior engine oil.

  • Yeah. Even on a fully synth I would only use it tops max 5k kms. Check your oil levels too. Burnt off reduced your oil and could lead to the same symptoms. If you ride in a dusty area or rides off the paved road often, lubricate the shifter linkages.

  • My shifter linkage gets sticky from time to time, usually delaying the lever from popping back up after a downshift. A bit of silicone/graphite/whatever lube into the rubber linkage boots (pivot points as Ray Ward suggests) sorts it out.

    As for oil, I've just used the cheapest non-synthetic oil of the correct weight/viscosity for all of 50,000 kms with no problems at all. Changes at every 5000-6000km, and before/after winter storage.

  • I change every 4000km fully synth.. Regular change of eo will keep your engine in good condition.. 4000km or 2month, whichever comes first..

  • Is the oil. Use bardahl xtc and you Will feel the difference!

  • You cannot put regular oil in it since transmission is in as well it will damage your transmission. Get kawasaki syntetic oil. Cant go wrong and same price as others. Here in canada anyway