• I have never red lined my Z when in neutral Is it extremely bad for your...

    I have never red lined my Z when in neutral. Is it extremely bad for your engine or are they designed to be massively revd every so often?

    • It will only rev to a certain point then the limiter stops it going higher.

    • Ah brilliant I may try that tonight, always been scared to hurt it

    • Just dont go mental and keep it on the red line for to long. But nothing like a little rev to make you sleep

    • I was on the limiter all the time.. Z750 is quick but you have to wind it up.

    • Revving any engine to the red line of load is a bad idea , your damaging it , revving the nuts of it in normal use is fine that's what there meant for lol

    • Something I would never do.

    • Sure you can, but do it when the engine is over 50degree and don't do it as you start the bike and don't keep it long, like 2 sec its fine..

    • Yes I know but it's not big and it's not clever