I have a question that I m hoping someone has done before I have a 2011 ex250...


I have a question that I'm hoping someone has done before. I have a 2011 ex250 and the problem I have is I need to lower the bike, the only problem I see is the front forks can't be dropped. Has anyone drop the front forks?

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  • Simon give me a call I can explain what to do for you 717 435 3931 I do it to these bikes all the time for people

  • Can please try over fb as I live in new zealand

  • I sent u a Facebook message on what to do

  • Awesome thanks

  • No problem

  • Thank you Larry Thomas, you are one of the reasons why this group is so great!, reap what you have sown is my motto :-D

  • Your welcome Andy Meeks I'm a certified Kawasaki technician so I do what I can

  • Larry Thomas , great to have you here mate! :-D

  • That could be a Ninja of the Month moment Andy. ;-)

  • K Greg Roland , was thinking the same.., lets just wait :-p

  • Only the very BEST get that award!

  • LOL. :-)

  • I know my way around a bike, the electronics, creeks and rattles.., but there are still things that I can learn and have learnt from just being a part of this group, great bunch of people who go out of their way to help their fellow rider.