I have a question Is there a difference between radiator fluid for a car or...

I have a question. Is there a difference between radiator fluid for a car or what they sell for motorcycles?

  • Not really however i use Engine Ice in my Machines. You can get Bike specific however you don't need to.

  • Thank for that

  • Jim is spot on

  • They do make antifreeze for aluminum motors which is a little costly but is better than cheap regular antifreeze. Knowing I'm keeping my 1500 for a long time ( over 17 years so far) and will never let my 2K go it's worth spending a little more.

  • Good question !!! By the way... Getting tired of the same old questions every 3 weeks. Very good question... Wonder what the Boss, Mr. Bare Carr would say about this ??? What does Steve Miller know ??? BaHaHaHa!!!

  • Go ahead Steve Miller say it... What does Mike know???

  • I actually thought of you when I read this earlier, wondered how you were gonna proclaim your love for antisieze on a coolant question...hahaha

  • Steve Miller my only thought is while doing this replacing your Radiator cap may be a good idea being its around 10 years old and I bet it's the original cap. While you have your gas tank off here is even a better time to replace your plugs. Very important to use anti-seize compound on your plugs. This is a must to use on the threads on the plugs. There you go Steve !!!

  • Thank you Mike for spreading the love

  • Steve Miller just as long as you don't use anti-seize during sex, it could make things ruff... Lol !!! Actually it might just help, not that I would know...

  • Hahahaha, it would be a bitch to clean up.

  • I use engine ice...