I have a question for all you aficionados Can those big ugly tank pads be...


I have a question for all you aficionados. Can those big ugly tank pads be removed without problem?

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  • I've seen it done, but it will require extensive bodywork on the tank.

  • if you want them permanently gone you can remove them, have the brackets shaved off, and the recess filled and the tank repainted. mt way around it was removing them, peeling the rubber off the plastic, painting said plastic with truck bed liner and putting that back on. ive also toyed with having a tank rack made that attaches to the knee pad brackets. pics to follow

  • if you zoom a little you can see what it looks like with the rubber removed, i think it looks cool with the little holes, the plastic is white, so I painted them with truck bed liner, which is kind of textured.

  • the owner of Ruby helmets has a W that came from the PO with this tank rack, its the only one ive ever seen, so I assume its a one off. great idea. I wish someone would offer them, ive been toying with having one made by a friend.

  • Hej, Jay.

    Good to see another Gentleman on the Westcoast taking an interest in the Ws.

    Bought mine about ten years ago and got rid of the tankpads, the entire tank infact as you can see in the picture and anpile of other stuff.

    The great thing about theese bikes is that you can build them into just about any classic style, just like old Meridian Triumphs.

    Best of luck, see you.

  • Yes. But its what is left behind after removal

  • currently I have the Bagster tank cover installed, fits better with the pads removed and gives even more spots to strap shit to your bike.

  • Brandon, do you have a top shop of the tank rack?

  • Ned this is... :)

  • Mine is a 2001... I believe there are others more recent with less "garbage"

  • I asked if the guy could send me a pic of the top but never got a reply