• I have a 97 kx It vibrates so bad you have to were gloves Any ideas how to...

    I have a 97 kx. It vibrates so bad you have to were gloves. Any ideas how to fox it

    • Either cracks in frame... dry old bearings... or worse case big end is ready to go bang.

    • Check your steering stem bolts

    • Yeah Sell it to Me and buy a 4 stroke!

    • Haha,they do that,loosen your grip. I use Scott Hurricane grips.

    • The best cure for a 500 with a bad vibration is to keep it pinned! You'll forget about it.

    • Use 3rd or 4th.

    • Thanks everyone but. I hill climb and its always pinned. My 92 doesnt vibrate at all

    • The crank have to be balanced!!

    • Thanks Dan i was thinkin that myself but wanted to hear it i guess

    • Thick gloves.