I have a 81 kdx 175 seems to start but sputters and dies out when I give it gas...


I have a 81 kdx 175 seems to start but sputters and dies out when I give it gas when it does start it bogs out and dies! Any ideas on what's going on?

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  • How long has it sat? Did it sit in a damp environment or go through a lot of mud and water?

  • Sat in garage that was damp.. I bought it from original owner he said it sat for 8 years then 2 years later he cleaned carb. When I went and got it he started it right up but the gasket on the right side engine case needed replaced so I took it off it sat in damp garage for 2 days put it back together now it keeps flooding out and runnin like shit when it runs..

  • Sounds like a clogged pilot jet....carb needs to be cleaned.

  • Well ill tear it apart tonight and update yal on it. Thanks

  • I had a Suzuki 800 cruiser that did the same thing last year....had a speck of dirt in the pilot jet. I had a very fine piece of wire to put through the jet and was able to clear it. Put her back together and vroom!!!. She was good. Good luck!

  • I have an 83 KDX 200, the Crank Oil seal behind the Flywheel was worn out allowing gas to flood into the Stator area and fill the cavity. I removed the Flywheel cover and gas poured out. Unfortunately you have to Split the engine cases to replace the Crank seals. So I wound up buying an All Balls Crank bearing and seal set off ebay for $50 bucks and checked out the bottom end.

  • Also make sure there is no Obstruction in the Exhaust, ie carbon build or whatever, I forgot to remove the Silencer plug for washing and It wouldn't run.