• I have a 2016 Teryx4 LE It doesn t fit in my garage so I need to put a cover...

    I have a 2016 Teryx4 LE. It doesn't fit in my garage, so I need to put a cover over it to protect if from the sun. Not looking to spend $215 on Kawasaki's cover. Anyone bought a car cover off amazon that fits? Thanks in advance!

    • Just get a bigass tarp? Lol

    • I use an old EZ up cover. Works great.

    • I find it crazy these things are taller than a 1/2 ton truck!!!!!!! I have a 2015 Dodge sport 4x4 it fits in my garage no problem but my t4 has to go in the barn because it is to tall. Something is wrong with this picture.

    • I did a 3/4/5 cage chop on mine when I first got it.

    • I just went to the local auto parts store and purchased one for a compact SUV. Seems to be working ok