I have a 2015 T4. Never had any issues with the clutch etc. But

I have a 2015 T4. Never had any issues with the clutch etc. But,,,

Always wanting to be ready for just about anything here's my question.

If I broke a belt etc. and had a new one with me would I be able to change it out on the trail? Any special tool needed?

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  • I'm looking in the manual and it shows acouple of pulley and flywheel holders. Gives the perception Id need them but hoping someone has been able to break the nuts loose by hitting on ratchet or breaker bar with hammer.

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  • Means I'm following for the same information

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  • It can be done. For big trips i.e. Hatfield McCoy or the like , I take a battery-powered impact. Makes things a lot faster and I also have a spare tire.

    But if your not riding crazy you will be fine with out it. Just make sure you do the intake mod to keep the belt cool.

  • What do you mean by intake mod on the belt? I'm new to the belt stuff I've always had chains and shafts

  • Is it something that is simple or you talking about snorkeling the belt box

  • The intake for the belt housing sucks air from the top of the engine. Most run a pvc pipe up under the dash and that keeps the belt cooler. Check the teryx forum the should have a write up on it.

    I've done I and never had one belt issue.

  • If there was a problem with the cvt vent why is Kawasaki still using the 2104 vent ?

  • Probably the same reason they haven't come out with a thousand cc engine yet they're stubborn

  • Get the kawi tools unless your carrying a impact gun. I spent 3hrs changing mine in the middle of no where without the correct tools and don't wish that on anyone! Call my parts manager at Luke Adrenalin 520.836.0583 if you need them, we can do a group buy if you guys are interested. I think they are about 130.00