I have a 2014 T4 and my bike is losing power It acts exactly like I m hitting...

I have a 2014 T4 and my bike is losing power. It acts exactly like I'm hitting the governor but I may not even be moving 5 mph it gets worse the longer I ride. The belt is good and I don't have any warning lights on. Has anyone else had this trouble?

  • I can almost guarantee it has water in fuel and a clogged fuel filter in the tank.

  • Fuel pump mine did the exact same thing.

  • Yes and had brand new fuel pump and filter installed less than 2 months ago because I got water in the tank before

  • Going in to limp mode. Either the parking brake sensor or the overheat sensor

  • Pull out the fuel sender. Clean filter with starting fluid and let dry. Take all fuel out of tank and wipe dry with clean rags. Takes about 30 minutes start to finish. Fill with fresh fuel.

  • Anybody know if this is covered under the warranty and would the computer pick up a faulty code for it. My 14 has been cutting out when I am holding a steady speed. I have to punch it to get it to stop the cutting out. And it happens at different speeds. Any thoughts

  • Sounds like limp mode is there a belt switch

  • Mine even cuts out in neutral at barely 1/4 throttle and Kawasaki just went through all the fuel system and put a new fuel pump on I'm kinda leaning towards Jamie's answer with the O2 sensor

  • Kevin Bowen that's exactly how my bike did. Dealership was changing parts like crazy as per kawasaki telling them to, then they told them to check o2 sensor and that was the problem.

  • It was covered under warranty

  • Thank you. I appreciate the help

  • No problem. Mine stayed in the shop 2 weeks before they figured it out