I have a 2014 t2 and randomly my brake pedal goes to the floor I pump it up...


I have a 2014 t2 and randomly my brake pedal goes to the floor. I pump it up and it's fine for a couple of hours? I got my dealer to check it out they said there wasn't anything wrong. Has anyone had this problem or what?

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  • My brakes were messed up and found out when I turned sharp my calipers were hitting my A-arm gaurds and putting the calipers in a bind, so I bent a gaurds away from the calipers and it fixed my broblem.

  • I have a 2012 t4 and I have that problem. Let me know if you find out what it is lol.

  • There is a recall on that on the t4 I have a buddy that took his in they replaced some things never had the problem again there's recall on floor board as well

  • haven't had a problem on my 2014 T4 LE

  • My problem was my own fault with the A-arm guards. I haven't heard of any recalls on the Teryx other then the belt on the 2014s which they replaced on mine before I but it.

  • I've been procastinating the recall for awile. mine was bought last feb. and i have about 750 miles on mine

  • ive had no problaems but am gonna do the recall sometime

  • All good on my 2014 t2 but I would like to now what is up with that

  • Had the same thing it was front guards pushing brake in when turning

  • Same here Mike Marcusen. I seen the gaurds were putting my calipers in a bind while I was turning.