I have a 2014 model with the akrapovic pipes on I have ran it with and without...

I have a 2014 model with the akrapovic pipes on, I have ran it with and without baffles and cannot get above 36 mpg regardless of riding style.I spoke to someone yesterday with the same model who usually gets about 42 mpg, dos anyone else have problems with fuel consumption?

  • Just checked mine, 37mpg average.

  • Beat that easy.lol

  • Plus caning it that hard in 1st will drop it to 7mpg as seen on the last gen2 I had, nearly as scary as the top speed that is lol

  • 1st to 2nd at 80mph is pretty smooth, doesn't stay in 2nd long though. Only done it a few times, and I had the wench on the back but she's only little.

  • I find i get much better mpg cruising around 90-100 than 70 though, she doesn't like sitting there.

  • Its only when i screw it i get a bad gear change allways the same.

  • Yeah generally 9k gear changes at the earliest usually

  • I,m averaging around 38mpg with free flowing Akras. 2nd is my favourite gear

  • 0,71 liter/mil

  • over the last 9k miles I've averaged 41 , thats with Scorpions without baffles and no remapping.