• I have a 2013 t4 Was thinking of buying bandits shocks Anybody running those...

    I have a 2013 t4 ... Was thinking of buying bandits shocks .. Anybody running those or have an idea how to get a better ride..?

    • Big Difference..?

    • You can replace your springs for a better ride from summit it's a cheaper alternative

    • Thanks Man... I'm wondering if I did both would it make a night and day difference...?

    • Just replacing the springs is like half assing it. To fully get the best outta a shock, it's best to replace it as a whole. I'm also looking for better shocks myself. Though it's kinda hard for me to fork over a grand for some new shocks

    • You should be able to get your bandits with the springs you want if your just set on dropping that cash FYI get the limit straps so you don't blow your seals

    • Spending $150 is not half assaying anything it's upgrading the OEM shocks and that's a hell of a lot cheaper than 1500 for shocks springs and straps

    • I liked the stage 4 ...I think Alka Shocks but they are $2,800... Ridiculous...

    • Thx.. That was some info that nobody has shared yet..

    • Sry. I meant in my opinion it's like half assing it. I totally agree with what ur saying. Personally, I rather get a shock in which it was designed around the spring as well. If u put a differ spring on a shock, the shock may hafta work harder than designed. That could "possibly" lead to shock failure later on. I've witnessed this first hand a few times. So that's the reason for what I said

    • Yeah... I been keeping a eye on Amazon and eBay.

    • Totally agree that's why you can't go from 375 to a 500 it's all about boundaries and limits

    • My mom who has back issues could hardly stand the ride, but now she can ride in it with little issues.

      Yes getting limit straps will save you in the long run, as they will keep you from blowing them out.

      Yes there are better options out there, if you don't mind spending the money. However a spring change will only cause you more work when you change the shocks later.

      The people at Bandit shocks were great help in getting them set up for best ride, and great if any issues do come up.

    • To be frank it all makes me laugh I remember when we rode bikes with no suspension rigid frames

    • BTW: who makes these Bandit shocks?

    • I've seen the dual rate spring kits for the fox shocks. Does anyone know who sells them?

    • He is a member on team teryx

    • Bandit... Google them ... Unfortunately they are on massive back order...I've heard really great reviews about them

    • Thats why I can't find them in eBay or Amazon... Makes since. Thx

    • I am confused as to why a spring change will cause more work later if you decide to change shocks later. Please explain

    • I could be wrong but I believe they are limited to higher end Fox shocks like RC2's

    • I am sorry but spring changes are very common in the off-road world. As a matter of fact, bandit shocks offers different spring rates for this very reason. As Lonnie Dimarco implied, a little common sense is needed. the downside of spring swaps is knowing exactly what rate you need. you can spend a lot of money on a mediocre shock getting it dialed in

    • Sure..

    • If you spend the money for springs and shocks now you only do it once. I am not someone that likes doing the same job twice. Doing one now and one later you are saving labor. Not only that you are getting a proper matched shock and spring.

    • I am not trying to be difficult but a proper matched shock and spring? Is there a such thing? There is no one size fits all. There is a lot of science that goes into spring rate and what type of spring. Vehicle weight, shock valving, type of riding. Don't get me wrong I believe in shocks and by your argument I would go with Kings instead of bandits if you really want to do it right.

    • If I understand the problem w the fox shock it is in the way they are valved. Have heard you cannot get them adjusted. The bandits are valved correctly and ride really smooth in comparison to the stock Fox shocks. I'm no expert but my ride is a lot smoother w bandits. I agree w the statement about dual rate. Our shocks are likely too short to get any benefit from dual springs.

    • So ...I'm just making sure that you are extremely happy with Bandits Mark Manning..? Lol

    • Not sure what you are asking?