i have a 2010 teryx 750 fuel injected cant get it to idle off the throtle any suggestions


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  • May need to adjust the valves. My 2010 was hard starting unless you gave it gas and wouldn't idle unless you gave it some throttle.

  • Need a harness, tank and carbs

  • Carbs on an EFI? Lol

  • He`s suggesting you change it to carbs so you can adjust the idle. But the problem probably is the valves need adjusting. Common issue.

  • It's not the valves.

  • I had similiar problem, mine was the fuel filter inside the gas tank.

    In my model, they ran the vent line for the gas tank into the frame under the seat.

  • It starts just fine and idles until you drive it or rev it up then it won't idle

  • Throttle position sensor maybe? Or the vent line clogged off the gas tank.

  • Intake valves are notorious for tightening up on you...usually starts with hard starting without giving it gas...EFI you should never have to give it gas. Unfortunately if it's the intake valves, they end up just doing it over and over until there is no adjustment left...mine were pulled up into the heads by 1200 miles...needless to say I did the work myself on my 2012.. Kibble white titanium valves...yes...Kawi knows they have issues with the valve material...I'm at 4800 miles now with no issues since doing the work...good luck!

  • Check compression run valves my had 16 psi front and 50 psi rear cylinder ran great except hard start and idle know both cylinders close to 80 psi and runs like great

  • It's not the valve motor is just rebuilt too to bottom all new valves

  • My 2012 does the same thing. I turned the idle up just little at the pedle.

  • I have a 15 that did the same thing. The dealer took a while but they ended up covering new throttle bodies on warranty. They said they were defective. It runs like new now.