I have a 2005 LT Does anyone else have the same issue where if you fill the...


I have a 2005 LT. Does anyone else have the same issue where if you fill the gas tank in the am and it sits in the sun it builds pressure and it spews gas out the overfill hose and under the cap. I know on later models they moved the fill cap and i see why. Nothing like people at work rushing in ur office to tell you your bike is leaking gas.

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  • I haven't had that issue on my 04 but I guess I wouldn't fill it up until after work if you park in a garage or maybe don't fill it so full. Mine will whistle when it builds pressure.

  • I have a 04 and when it sits in the sun, I have heard it "release" pressure with a high pitch.

  • The Mean Streaks would hiss all the time due to a check ball. I have never had a promlem with the V2K I would guess Walter has a good idea good luck!

  • If you are filling all the way up the neck you are over filling it and not allowing room for heat expansion. "Capacity" on v2k's are 5.5 gallons but you can pack almost 6.2.

    That being said i always fill up to the rim but only just before a ride to extend my range for maximum pleasure

  • They all vent whistle at some point

  • Mine does it too. I don't fill it up and let it sit. I fill up and run it 20 miles or so to give it some air space to expand. If I park it completely full it spits it out on the tank.

  • This is how I fixed mine.

  • I fill my bike up before I ride it I never let it sit with a full tank. The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago not a good time.

  • As the rubber gasket gets older it gets weathered and does have the flexibility to let the vacuum out are air n. Had a vstar vapor lock and quit running until opening the cap. Drill the hole in gasket fixed the problem.

  • Sorry Stefan....I do t have that problem....my problem is a gas tank cap that won't open on a 2004 Vulcan 2000....been sitting for awhile and turning the key doesn't release it....any ideas ?