I have a 2003 W and I m thinking of rewiring the whole thing using motogadget s...


I have a 2003 W and I'm thinking of rewiring the whole thing, using motogadget's 'm-Unit', in order to remove all the fuses and minimise cable-clutter. Has anyone tried anything like this? Are there any weird/w-specific fuses that I should be aware of? I can see some cables under the carbs.. P.S. by saying "I" I mean the mechanic.

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  • Looking forward to picture updates on your progress.

  • I've thought about adding some Motogadget to my W, too (maybe more fantasy than any actual planned mods). I'd like to hear lots of details on how it goes, and what all is involved.

  • Re wire no problem! The Dub uses thin wall cable, less bulky. Now the modern Jap bullet connectors are a narrower profile. So is the "sparky" using them? If so I would be delighted to know hos source as here in Blighty I've not come across ANYONE who supplies / stocks them, and I've looked. So any info mucho appreciated ;-)

  • Hey Ned Kaidflaymme, I've had the same bullet connector problems here in the US, finally found some on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CMLJ9KC/ref=oh _aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • Josh thanx for heads up these can be got from vehicle wiring products here in England as Well as a shed load of wirimg goodies. Now although Kawasaki do use these on heavier gauge cable the terminals like on turn signal wires are of a thinner diameter. These are the ones I search in vain.

  • I used these with aftermarket turn signals--they're not exactly the same size, but with a pinching or wedging they work. Best I've found.