I have a 05 v2k standard I m at about 32k miles have only owned the bike for...


I have a 05 v2k standard. I'm at about 32k miles have only owned the bike for the last 10k miles. I'm starting to hear s lot of popping any time I let off the throttle. Also it seams to be shifting harder. Any advice to what I need to do???

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  • Do You have Your AIS still attached ? or Blocked off ? are You using same Grade Gasoline ? Have You done a factory air seepage test? Have You adjusted clutch (see Manuel for Adjustment in cases.)

  • First two questions don't know what that is So no. Always use top grade gas. Never done a seepage test clutch was adjusted last summer

  • Wish I could find a V2K Hains manual. Think is would help me with a lot of the simple things. But u guys rock too

  • You get a little popping with the AIS still connected if you get a pop or backfire start looking at burnt valve , check and ask you Gas Station if they water test their fuel , we had a bike sent to us by a dealer & it had .03% water barely traceable , but enough to cause popping to lean = popping, O2 sensor partly clogged if you still have that buffalo in will cause popping because it's leaning the mixture out, on the clutch It could be anything from an old cable, corroded cable , to cable that needs a simple Lubrication to major clutch probs that need to be seen by Your local friendly meknik. Most shops with charge you one hour Diagnostic then if You let them fix they absorb part or all the Diagnoses money Hanes is better than nothing but factory manual hard copy or Disc on e-bay is your best bet , maybe some of these other great folks has a solution , It's hard to really say unless the meknik has his eyes & ears on the scooter, all we can do is point a few directions hope this helps ,Have a great night

  • Thank u. You guys are awesome

  • Look up the AIS mod.. My 05 V2K popped every time i let off the gas until I blocked the two hoses that you can see attached to the cyclinder heads that come together at the AIS valve behind the breather. Google Vulcan 2000 mods.

  • Quinton you can download the shop manual pretty easy if you do alittle online searching. If you don't have any luck send me your address and I will burn you a copy an throw it in the mail to ya.

  • Way kewl !