I had to take my front non stock blinkers off Monday and put them back on...


I had to take my front (non-stock) blinkers off Monday, and put them back on yesterday. Now, when I turn on a blinker, they ALL blink, at the same time. Front and back.

Would wiring one (or both) of them backwards have done that? I'm not interested in cutting/re-soldering if that is not the issue. I can't think of anything else though...

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  • Yes

  • I'm guess I'm glad it's THAT. At least I know what needs to be done.. time consuming, that's all.

  • Sounds like bad or no ground to me

  • bad ground.. that would indeed happen if i reversed the wires when I reattached them.

  • Yes sir. You got it ;-)

  • Ground side wire crossed up with blinker circuit wire would light them all up at once and all would blink

  • If all else fails reverse what you did ,,,

  • O, i know what i did.. i had to take them off for a couple of days. I didn't plan on ever doing that, required unbolting and cutting wires, then later rebolting and soldering wires. Now i got's to do it again...

  • Shrink tubing delight lol

  • Nope. Not that. I remembered I had used disconnect bullets to connect the wires themselves behind the headlight. Was easy to just reverse those. The front blinkers don't even flash if the wires are reversed. The ONLY other thing I did yesterday was re-hook/wire up my stero amp. Time to take the cutters out again...