I had a nice wee run down to Newcastle this morning then thrashed the bike on...

I had a nice wee run down to Newcastle this morning, then thrashed the bike on the country roads all the way back, going the long way through Coldstream and Musselburgh.

The only time the bike was below 85mph was when I stopped to take this picture.

  • Hooligan = Duke 690. Pound for pound, bike world's most powerful single-cyl unit by far. 0-150km/h in a flash. 180km/h top speed.

  • That's me on a 690SMC, the maddest bike I've ever owned- I only had it for 6 weeks before crashing it and writing it off.

    In that time the back tyre did 5x the mileage that the front tyre did

  • I think I've said to you before, get off-road. if you grew tired of the road warrior thing before why would it be different this time? Unless you have been a hidden hero all these years, which is unlikely, no matter how hard you try you'll get your arse spanked by better riders. I did a national championship trial the weekend and may well have finished in the last half dozen in a field of 90 but the challenge for someone nearer 60 than 50 was to finish. Plenty didn't. Easier trials are available. Competing on a motorcycle provides a risk free (from losing your licence and livelihood) adrenaline rush and puts road riding in a whole different perspective. Two Scottish guys I knew were competing into their 70s and died in the saddle at events when their hearts gave out. A decent end if you ask me. Just visit a residential home.

  • I envy those two Scotsmen. RIP...

  • Get yourself a Harley dresser and ride it off-road. Very different :-D

  • Colin I didn't grow tired of it before, a couple of crashes kinda forced my hand, made me think about it.

    I've thought about it, and I like riding fast lol

    I was never a riding god but I could hold my own in the fast group on a trackday, so even after being away from it for a bit I'm sure I could still take a few scalps on the road. I wouldn't be hanging my balls out everywhere, I just miss the option of a turn of speed.

    Rocky I also have a garage full of scooters which are harder to part with, so space is an issue for having more than one bike.

    I know I'll regret selling the W but hey ho, I can always buy another later on if I miss it that much.

  • Yep, one is never enough.

    Wait, even three is nowhere near 'enough' for me...

    I want more, more..... MOAWRRRR.... :P

  • I like the look of the Ducati Scrambler or 750 Monsters as a slightly 'tauter' yet still 'proper' bike....can't justify the expense for the amount of miles I do, though....

  • How any miles is that Jack

  • I did about 330 miles yesterday Patrick.