I had a couple of questions if anyone could answer for me i would love to put...


I had a couple of questions if anyone could answer for me, i would love to put an aftermarket slip on on my bike ASAP and then later on go with a full exhaust, but as for the slip on, can I just go and get any pipe to put on my bike? Or do they make specific ones for each bike? I really want to get an akrapovoc slip on because I've seen videos on YouTube of them on my bike and I think they sound amazing, with that said, can anyone point me in a direction to find a low costing one? Because I'm on a budget and don't want to spend $700 for a slip on... and another question I had was, if I remove the cat (I think that's what they call it haha) would that make my exhaust sound better? I want to make my bike alittle bit louder, but I don't want it to be so loud I can't hear myself think, also, if I remove the cat is there any downside or effects that it would do to my bike? Thanks in advance too :)

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  • this is made specifically to fit your bike. I did do a quick look up on youtube, but I didn't find a video of someone who made a video for it, but the other bike's who has it even a 300 sounds good.

  • I found one on YouTube of a gsxr 1000 with one on it and it sounded really good, I like the deep tone of it, thank you, do you know if cutting out the cat will so anything to the bike?

  • I'm not quite sure what you mean by cat, but if you mean silencer, the bike would be considerably louder than it already is, and I have a 300 and I feel it loses a little bit of power without the exhaust. (I have not tested it on the dyno, so this is just my own feeling)

  • Oh, and I can get you a better price than ebay too, if you want to buy it

  • The guy does it in this video, so I was going by what he said, and I would like to get one for mine, but it would be a couple of weeks before I can get the money saved for one

  • the removal of the cat or the exhaust?

  • I Google that exhaust and on there main site they cost $380, so that's not to bad, but I'd like to get one as cheap as I can

  • The cat, he drills out the honey comb thing, he called it a cat

  • yea, that 380 is without shipping, and the site is for australia only. When I order for you, I order from them, but I send the order to the boss directly. I bought my exhaust from him too