I got the power port and gear indicator installed


I got the power port and gear indicator installed.

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  • I have never understood why they didn't put a gear indicator on them. The 08 650 was more of a budget bike but the V1000 isn't.

  • Thats the original Kawasaki gear indicator right?Aftermarket brand cannot fit in that socket.

  • It is the OEM unit. There was one that plugged into the 650, but I don't know if it would work on the 1000.

  • Ooh i see

  • Yeah, unfortunately the grand tourer trim is not sold in the US, that's the one that comes with it.

  • Is that an automatic transmission?

  • Crawled all around mine today, scouting out the same two mods.

  • Nope. I don't believe Kawasaki has one.

  • I need gear indicator,how much is it ? And where can ı buy?e-bay?

  • Had a gear indicator on my Suzuki 750 and grew to like it. Wish it came standard.

  • I cant understand why you all need a gear indikator? In corners you ride a gear that feels good and on the open road 6..

  • Kawi has an easy plug in one that lists for $210.

  • My 87 BMW K75S had one.

  • How many times have you tried to upshift when you were on a highway?

  • A few times but I dont find that being a problem. Just an extra time going to six gear.

  • It isn't so much that I need it, but I do like having it. I never put on on my 650, butall of my other bikes have one.

  • I wanted one when I started roadracing. Id rather spend the money on a gps :-)

  • I already have a GPS. :)

  • Me too but that one is mounted on the snowmoblie right now :-)

  • No snowmobiles where I live. I have my old one on the 650.