I got an opportunity to make an offer on this stuff the tecate you may...


I got an opportunity to make an offer on this stuff. the tecate you may remember was just posted here not long a go. this guy has a pile of parts too. Only 1 tecate rear fender. No other plastics at all. No idea of exact shape of anything other than the complete tecate runs. last offer I made sight unseen was 2200$ and was told to fuck off. just curious what you all think. I don't need this stuff. Everything of his would be parts to me. but I would like to buy it for a reasonable price. he won't tell me what he wants for it. just wants me to make an offer. what do yall think

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  • All of time we have two side on medal nerve forget that. Now derek can you just stop and make offer on another bike? Thanks!

  • Lol. what do you expect? I start low and worked my way up. name a price...lol. not real hard. let it rot.

  • To much for you. That my price. Alright go your way.

  • planned on it.

  • Nice to meet you guys! Have fun with you shit

  • What a dick. Making it out that you're the douche trying to buy his junk for more than its worth.

  • that's what we should be saying to you. .... just remove yourself from here.... both profiles...

  • Think cassandra needs to look at someone being told to fuck when selling something most guys says cant go that low price wise.........so so how bout i tell you go fuck yourself ....so go fuck yourself bet you dont know shit about tecates go do your research

  • D, wanna buy mine???? LOL

  • Go ride your damn horse you have no clue bout tecates

  • 0.01BTC

  • I want to buy them all but can't do it....

  • Lol

  • Well that's my offer I'm just waiting to hear a reply LOL

  • Well if Raymo can't buy it nobody can, I don't think he could handle it anyway LOL

  • probally not.....haha. some deadly tecates out there. I'll tell ya the truth, I think your terrain would be my demise. your sand would make me look amateur. we have nothing like that here. it would be an adjustment.

  • I'd never give that much without looking at it first and I'd give double to someone else before I'd buy from him. He shouldn't ask for an offer then act like that