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  • I did that within the first 20 miles it did make a difference I just put a 2 inch lift and backed the springs off a inch and that helped out big time too but thanks for putting it out there just in case

  • Did the bandits help that much I'm kicking the idea around and both my kids race quad mx so they get the lt stuff I get whatever left over in the budget lol

  • I have a 12 T4 with 2000mi no problems at all. I think they are great machines. No regrets.

  • Yes they did. The fox valving in the factory shocks is setup for a one ton truck.

    Bandits are 1000% better.

    Also check the torque on your A arm bolts. Should be 65 foot lbs. Many machines were over torqued and it causes terrible binding and limits the suspension brutally. Also a set of GP a arm bushings helps because the oem bushings do not flex properly due to their design.

  • Yes sway bar off and turn down the damper knob on the shocks some. Also i only run 10psi front and rear with my stock bighorns

  • Tracey I have the 14 t2 and have added bandits. Just finished riding Windrock and had a blast. Have upgraded to Bandit shocks and JBS clutch modification. I ride w to RZR 1000 and they had been over the same terrain but the big difference is, I have replaced two boots. They have replaced several axles, clutches and belts.

    Not the fastest but u can depend on the Teryx to get you home. Also, I broke my steering box. Self inflicted and they warranted it. My RZR friends have not had this kind of service.

  • Thanks! Great info!

  • Got a 2011 teryx has a little over 10,100 miles, haven't had no problems with it really

  • I just bought a 2016 teryx 4 and very happy so far only 50 miles on it but I've experienced a lot about it in this time if your looking to be the fastest down the trail stop reading and start looking at a different unit . Reliability then you have a contender . I think the Kawasaki and Honda are both nice machines. The kawi beat out the honda with me because I wanted more sport features which the Kawasaki had. The rear seats on the Honda have less leg room then the teryx. The Hondas motor Trans and power output did have me excited. My Kawasaki is a little loud inside but not too bad. This thing crawls and climbs everything really.

  • Nope love mine

  • I went from a RZR 800s to my recently purchased teryx 4 and I love it sure its not a speed demon like the 900 or 1000 machines but everything I hit on my old RZR this thing will do it to! I have been very happy with mine and it seems solid as a tank.

  • Awesome!

  • Rock solid bike. Keep up on the maintenance, use some common sense, and will last you a long time.