• I don t mind seeing my bike like this usually But when sand mountain is 2...

    I don't mind seeing my bike like this usually. But when sand mountain is 2 weeks away my head and new reeds are somewhere near the Canadian border, and I just noticed my subframe broke again. Why is it always last minute? Lol I'm sure it'll all work out but damn

    • Just about ready to head there aswell!!!!!!!!! Can't wait changing jets do to new reeds

    • I'll be there Fri thru Mon easter weekend I plan on spending Friday dialing it in I'm taking an arsenal of jets 2 different paddle tires and 14,15,47,51 sprockets I figure find the setup that works best and write it down for future trips I know higher elevation there but I hear it doesn't effect big bores as bad

    • Get reeds from adam?

    • Yeah I took a gamble sending my head up there to get fixed so close to my trip but it had to be done. I ordered a reed cage while I was at it he did a great job from the pics he's sent and got it turned around quickly. I'm looking forward to installing his products. Thanks again Adam MillAr. If post don't get it here in time its all good my buddy said he'd let me borrow his head that has a compression release

    • If it helps I have boyesen rad valve and gotta go down to 158 main.

      I don't ride Sand much so I usually run 15 47

    • An I'm at 4200 ft

    • It took 1 week or less for the postage when i got stuff from him. Top notch work.

    • 158? Or 168? Sea level I'm running 55 soon to be 58 pilot and a 168 main needle 2nd down I've got v3 but I'll be putting mre v2 based reeds in so I'll have to testing to do

    • Yeah took about a week to get up there I'm not worried only takes half hour to install a head and reeds

    • 158 I believe now I'm second guessing lol

      I live an hour from sand mountain

    • 55 168 I belive is what kawi set up the desert riders with. Gave my bike rediculous throttle response don't gotta worry about whiskey throttle I wouldn't be able to hold on. I'm central cali

    • I'll have to look to see what I have do sure been a sec since I've been in there been building a 4 stroker

    • Oh nice my 06 kx450f smoked everything at Pismo that wasn't purpose built including its own head

    • Been sinking money into 2001 xr650r

    • My dad had a 600 when I was a kid I think he only put a slip on. Those smoke a 450 when built right?

    • Yeah they can be mean