I can finally buy a 2015 model What mods are essential I was going Sw crash...


I can finally buy a 2015 model. :) What mods are essential? I was going Sw crash bars, some handle bar crash bar things, and a rear hugger? Any more.

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  • Kaoko throttle lock if you are going to travel any. Gotta rest that throttle hand every once in a while

  • swingarm spools for lubing and adjusting the chain

  • Skid plate and radiator guard

  • I'm getting a fenda extender is a uard needed?

  • Screen. The original is next to useless

  • I'd put that at the top of the list, personally.

  • Forget it, get an 800 Tiger!

  • Luggage options?

  • The owners manual

  • I've just downloaded one :) And the haynes manual too :D

  • I fitted hand guards , heated grips , fender extender, spot lights , rear hugger , front and rear bobbins ,touring screen ,crash bars ,tank pad , 12v power supply ,gear indicator , radiator cover ,top box . think that's everything

  • And a camel toe foot stand ! :)

  • Where u get the grips and rear hugger from? What bars are they?

  • Hugger is power bronze standard bars

  • Sorry pyramid plastic for the hugger

  • Sorry you mean crash bars SW motech