I buried my fears and took my daughter out for our first outing around other...


I buried my fears and took my daughter out for our first outing around other kids. We are 7 weeks post KD. She went to her dance class she has missed since December. She was nervous and didn't want to go but was smiling once she got in class. Her kind teacher said she didn't have to hold any hands and that she would send her out if any other students seemed at all sick. She got her recital outfit. I think she is the cutest little ballerina ever. Baby steps for this Mama that wants to keep her in a bubble during this horrible flu season.

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  • My son was sent back to school the day after we were released from the hospital. He had missed 10 days and was okay at discharge so they wanted him to return, I however was a nervous wreck! You've got this momma!! I must agree, she is the cutest ballerina ever!

  • I have not taken her in any stores and have not sent her to school even the doctor cleared her 3 weeks ago. The kids are all sick and the flu is rampant there. I have not decided if I will send her back this year. It is VPK so I don't have to. I am still scared.

  • Not going to lie, given the option he wouldn't have gone back but he had to. He got released Feb 3rd last year and it feels like yesterday!

  • It is so hard.

  • We went back to a full schedule the day after discharge, with the understanding that we be called immediately if he seemed over tired. We amped up the vitimans, immune support, and probiotics to help guard against any bugs. But doctor assured us a normal schedule was critical for him!

  • Mine is on day 27, and I'm still keeping her home from church tonight. She doesn't go to school, so I don't have to bother with that. But she doesn't have her chicken pox shot, so I worry about that with the aspirin. (Of course, I know it's a very low risk, but I'm still very concerned.) I think it's because KD is so out of our control that protecting them afterwards seems like a small thing we can do to help.

  • She is adorable!!

  • Because of the ivig they are probably much more protected than most children. I can't imagine waiting almost two months to go out. My son would have been crawling up the walls! I did tell his preschool teacher to call me for any little thing, though.

  • Beautiful. I kept my little one away from other children for a long time (she was only a tiny baby so it was easier than if she'd been older). It felt so good to do normal stuff once I felt more comfortable to expose her to other kids. She goes to a baby ballet class and loves it. Wishing you and your daughter well xx

  • I absolutely understand this fear. Although I know the risk is low, the fear of Freya getting chicken pox overwhelmed me for a long time and I kept her away from other children. We don't routinely vaccinate against chickenpox here in the UK but Freya has had her first chicken pox vaccine now and has the second one in a couple of weeks. She missed all her routine vaccinations because she was so young when she got KD (7 weeks old), so we had to catch up with all of those first. People thought I was being over cautious, but it made me feel better knowing that I could at least try and protect her xx

  • It took me a long time to be prepared to expose Freya to other children. I took her mainly to outdoor places, and didn't go to any baby groups with her where there might be lots of kids with bugs. A lot of people said I was being over cautious but it was the only way I could feel in control after feeling so very out of control. You'll get there. We are 20 months post-KD now and are living a perfectly normal life. My company gave me 2 years off work, and I am due to go back in April, so Freya will go to a childminder for the first time. As time passes, you grow in confidence and the horror of KD will seem like a million years ago (even if like Freya there is the constant reminder with their heart) xxx

  • Beautiful picture, hope she stays well!

  • My sons IVIG protected him for absolute years! Be never got sickness bugs, colds, flu or anything that was going round his school! It was amazing! Xx

  • I like hearing that. I have heard so much of the opposite on here. That every cold and fever was worse.

  • Obviously ever situation and every child is different but I can also say that in the 1 year since KD and post IVIG treatment that I can't remember my 5 year old even having a mild fever let alone a major cold or flu. Touch wood the healthy times continue.

  • He's never at the doctors ever! Never had antibiotics! He still suffers some leg pain, hearing loss and the usual kd stuff9 years later but overall I can't complain xx

  • I was going to ask about the leg pain. My daughter's knees hurt every morning. She says her tummy hurts too.

  • My son was 18 months when he was first diagnosed so he couldn't tell me much at the time. He's now nearly 12 and he only recently told us he has trouble hearing and his legs always hurt. He had never mentioned it as he had always had it. Poor boy xx

  • Of course this morning she is 99.6. Yes, this is not a technical fever but darn I am over this creeping low grade stuff. I know it is not from going to dance it has been creeping. I am always afraid the KD is back. Everyone keeps saying you can't stress. They don't get it, I can't Not stress. Every time I relax a little it is a low temp or a headache. We have an infectious disease follow up appointment tomorrow. I truly hate Kawasaki!!!