I appologise for being anal with cleaning guys but I find the wheels on my Gen2...


I appologise for being anal with cleaning guys but I find the wheels on my Gen2 zzr are a pain to clean, the rim is ok as its smooth but the area where the spokes meets the rim is the problem,to many nooks n crannys..A paint brush with cleaner on is the way to go but my patience run out..Any tips ??

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  • Is the one u know of Derek in hirwaun ? I also know of one in Ponthir Nr Caerleon

  • Have you tried a product called Wonder wheels? It used to be top notch on alloy wheels. Haven't used it myself for years, though.

  • In a silver squirter bottle with a little brush attached to it ??

  • I wash the bike using muckoff and wd40, then was again with wash and wax, this leaves a coat of wax to make cleaning easier next time and can leave a coat of wax to help prevent corrosion in those inaccessible areas.

  • Yea i think thats right Craig.

  • I may challenge you on the anal front... Tooth brush for me. You're right, the wheels are a PITA to clean

  • I forgot about alloy wheel cleaner so Gona give that a bash with a little brush, I've been using just chain cleaner, brake cleaner etc..ha

  • Peter I'll polish mine , go av a cuppa , get bored an polish it again..haha..

  • Yes it is in a silver bottle

    Mind the WD40 doesn't get on your brake discs.......weeeeeeeeeeee!

  • problem with alloy wheel cleaner is it leaves wheels dull...sit down with a pot of polish and a few rags...polish them...then after that you get about 3-6 months depending on miles of just car shampoo washing them...