I am using an 89KX500 ignition on another brand can someone tell me what to...


I am using an '89KX500 ignition on another brand, can someone tell me what to look for as far as timing marks go, also, what is the Kawi spec on that bike for timing in mm btdc? Thanks

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  • The marks..

  • I see one line/mark on the outside of the flywheel at the inner edge, do you know what it is supposed to line up with, and when? Thanks

  • When setting it on a original engine, there os no marking on the flywheel. Only on the plate. Do not know how much in advance it is in mm..

  • just use a timing light with degrees indicator on it .... set it at 0 & start the bike.... theres your starting indecator

  • One idea is to check when the piston is in the top position. Turn it backwards 2mm and make sure that you now make a mark on the fly wheel and case.

  • Then use a timing light and adjust. Could be a good start..