I am really keen to get this calender under way so will pin this post until we...

I am really keen to get this calender under way so will pin this post until we have 12 male members in revealing attire :-p , basically its a piss take of the gurls calender I wanted to produce which was a flop and I was labelled as a sexist pig "Thanks for that Terry Trash Homer!", what we need is 12 male members to take a pic of themselves on their bikes in the funniest way you can think of, the wackier the better!, all pictures must be in (Landscape) format and if possible about 14 feet from the subject so as to have all the pictures around the same size, the calender will be professionally made via a friend of mine and will be given out free to members who do good deeds or can be bought at cost price plus postage and packing, the P&P will be more than the calender.., so all the male members who have already shown an interest in this, its time to get clicking :-D

  • You put either of them on a bike and you are in! :-p

  • I am currently bike less :(

  • TJ Morgan , same here mate :-/

  • But thats the sort of thing I am looking for.

  • All I have is a Kawi zx9r motor lol

  • It's at least a kawi green suit lol

  • I'm in I need to get my bike out of storage it's still having a winter nap

  • If it were a women's calendar it would be all serious and sexy but it's a guy calendar so it's going to go for humor. Wahhh waaaahhh

  • And it will be.....

  • I am going to unpin this post but need to remind you guy's that I need this all wrapped up for at least August so I can get the editing done, get them printed and have them available for next year.., come on guy's.., lets show the gurl's how its done..., man style!! :-p

  • will do

  • Andy Beth Townend Andy Melbourne Cody Rhea Griffith I know you already submitted 2 but we need then sideways :-p

  • I'll get on that when it stops raing

  • Raining, actually.... That might make it sexier

  • René Dugas you want to show off that new body?

  • loool.., yeah :-p

  • You could be Mr April.

  • not yet...

  • This is open to any male member new or long standing, lets show these gurls how its done!

  • Thats when my birthday is!!!

  • Cody Rhea Griffith Mine is April 29th :-D